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Which Roles Does a Family Law Solicitor Play?

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Family relationships can get complicated sometimes. Differences in opinion, emotional distress and arguments can cause the eventual breakdown of such relationships, and the results can be devastating for the entire family. In case you’re in this kind of a scenario, then you should consider getting professional services from family law solicitors. Would you like to know the services you will get once you hire these experts? Read on to know more. Read More»

How the role of estate lawyers has evolved over time

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As people and businesses have continued to acquire large amounts of wealth, the role of an estate lawyer has grown significantly. These lawyers now help their clients to develop a meaningful plan for asset management. More complex property tax laws have also driven up demand for these professional services. If you own large amounts of property, you now almost certainly need an estate lawyer to ensure that your assets are properly managed. Read More»

Don't Let Overseas Laws Stop You from Bequeathing Your Assets

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You may be somebody who likes to diversify their risks and took care to ensure that all your asset eggs were not in one basket as you went through your life. As a base, you may have a certain amount of money in the Australian stock exchange and have a beach property in somewhere like Cairns. However, you may have been an avid traveller as well and have properties and other assets in far-flung countries. Read More»

Buying a Puppy? All May Not Be As It Seems

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A dog is supposed to be man’s best friend according to the age-old saying and an enormous number of homes across Australia count a four-legged friend amongst their occupants. You may be thinking about buying a dog for a friend as you believe it would be a good companion for them, but you need to take some special precautions as you go about this purchase. In particular, you need to be careful where you source the animal so that you don’t encourage animal cruelty. Read More»

Family lawyers can help you navigate complex domestic issues

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Most family lawyers are experts in multiple areas of practice. They have a wide range of legal skills that include drafting and negotiating contracts, legal documents, and pleadings. They are also adept in resolving disputes and managing very emotional situations. Having a family lawyer is a great way to manage your family dynamics. Here are some of the benefits of having a family lawyer. Adequate Representation Family lawsuits can involve serious negotiations and consequences. Read More»

What to Do If You Suspect That a Will Maker May Have Been Unfairly Influenced

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Scarcely a month goes by without some news related to a potential breakthrough in the war against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. While this is good news to the people who are suffering or know somebody who has contracted one of these conditions, the fact remains that many elderly people do not have the necessary mental capacity to understand what is happening in their lives. This is particularly problematic when it comes to the creation of a last will and testament, especially as there are some elements of society who would wish to take advantage of the situation. Read More»

Two Tips for a Simple and Straightforward Divorce

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Getting divorced can be a trying experience, both from a financial and an emotional perspective. Here are two steps you can take to make this legal process as simple and straightforward as possible. Consider going to a mediator before the divorce proceedings begin Many couples who choose to get divorced find it incredibly difficult to communicate clearly and calmly with one another during this process. Their emotions, frustrations and fears for the future often result in them constantly arguing and getting fixated on petty matters. Read More»