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Which Roles Does a Family Law Solicitor Play?

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Family relationships can get complicated sometimes. Differences in opinion, emotional distress and arguments can cause the eventual breakdown of such relationships, and the results can be devastating for the entire family. In case you're in this kind of a scenario, then you should consider getting professional services from family law solicitors. Would you like to know the services you will get once you hire these experts? Read on to know more.


One of the most distressing effects a relationship's breakdown is how it affects the kids. Getting the services of a family law solicitor will help. He or she will work with sympathy and discretion to make sure you get the best outcome, suitable for your children's well-being. Whether this involves applying for a contract order, joint residence order or even a prohibited steps order, the expert will offer more information on these options to help you make an informed decision.

Domestic violence

Although domestic violence is pretty rare, many people live in fear of intimidation and assault. Nobody deserves to live in this manner, and that's why getting the services of a knowledgeable family law solicitor is so essential. Other than offering you a sympathetic ear, your solicitor will ensure you take all the essential steps to protect your family and yourself as well.


In case you and your partner aren't legally married, you'll not be entitled to get a fair share of their assets automatically. But, a cohabitation agreement can ensure you have a legal entitlement to assets both of you acquired should the relationship break.

Divorce proceedings

Legal complexities involved in a divorce can be confusing. When you are represented by a family law solicitor, your interests will be covered. It will be easy to navigate the process and attain a favourable outcome. Whether you wish to fight for your children's custody or share of assets, the expert will guide you throughout the legal process.

Family mediation

If you are currently separated or experiencing some difficulties in your relationship, you might not be prepared to take that final step and ask for a divorce. A family law solicitor can organise and manage the family mediation proceedings. They can also handle prenuptial agreements or any other problems that may need to be handled from the court.

The family law legal framework can be complex. But, if you have expert help from a family lawyer, your interests will be represented effectively.