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Family Law: How to Prevent Parental Abduction

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It is estimated that every week, two or three children either enter Australia or leave the country without their parent’s consent. If you have recently separated from your partner and there is a dispute over who should have custody of your child, you might be worried that your ex-partner may attempt to abduct them. Below is a guide to the steps you can take to protect your child from abduction. Read More»

4 Efforts To Correctly Deal With A Sexual Harassment Claim... And Protect Your Interests

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Most employers wish they never had to deal with a sexual harassment claim, but the sad reality is that this is sometimes inevitable. You must be prepared to handle these situations to ensure that no lawsuits are raised against you. Engaging a business lawyer will help you set an action plan to properly deal with a sexual harassment claim from an employee. Organise A Written Sexual Harassment Policy Your first action, before any issue takes place, should be to set a sexual harassment workplace policy, which must be read regularly by all employees. Read More»