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How Can You Be Sure That Your New Home Is Going to Be "Future Proof?"

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If you're young and newlywed, you will hopefully have many years of joy ahead of you as you bring up a family and plan for the future. One of your first big tasks is going to be buying a home and you want to make sure that it is fit for the purpose, not just now but for a long time into the future as well. This is of course going to be one of the biggest decisions of your new lives together, but you've got many factors to take into account if you're going to choose the right property, all things considered. What do you need to bear in mind, with a long-term view?

Looking into the Crystal Ball

In reality, there is no such thing as an "average" family home, so houses across Australia come in all shapes and sizes. You may be lucky enough to be in a position to build your own or you may be selecting from the wide array of properties in the current housing stock. However, you have to think about your needs in 20 or even 30 years from now, as well as the present day.

Split Living

When your kids arrive, you will want to have them close by, naturally and when they grow older they will want an element of separation. Therefore, it may be best for you to choose a home that features "split" living, so in the future you won't all be on top of each other.

Secondary Rooms

You may want to consider a home that has what is colloquially known as a "granny flat." This could serve a separate purpose if you have to bring in ageing parents into your home for care purposes.

Garage and Storage

As families grow, so does the need for transportation and for storage. With this in mind, should you consider getting a three-car garage, or a space that is even larger than that?


If at all possible, choose to build your property on an expansive lot or buy an existing home with plenty of outdoor space. It is ideal if this is connected to both the kitchen and the living room area so that it is easily accessible for kids as they are growing up and can become an essential part of the entertainment experience in a mature family.

Being Connected

Finally, don't forget that this is the age of connectivity and the home should be wired so that it is easy to be online wherever you may be. This will help to avoid the risk of those growing kids disappearing into their own room for hours at a time and also help with family cohesiveness.

Getting Expert Help

Have a word with designers who can help you create or find an ideal home in your situation and make sure that you work with a first-class conveyancer, to avoid any pitfalls along the way.