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3 Situations Where You Might Need the Services of a Conveyancing Expert

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Property ownership transfer from one person to another is a complex process. Some aspects of the process can confuse first-time buyers and experts. Mistakes in the process can lead to financial and other damages and losses, and you should hire an expert to help you. The experts understand property transactions better than you and can oversee a simple and successful transfer. Here are situations where you will need the services of a professional conveyancer. Read More»

Could Your Occupation Give You Priority Immigration to Australia?

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If you’ve always dreamed about living in the land down under but may have faced issues when it comes to migration, your plans may have been thwarted. Further, you may have been prevented from actually travelling to Australia as a tourist for some time due to pandemic-related restrictions. However, the situation is thankfully changing, and as tourists begin to plan their flights, the government may have thrown a lifeline to skilled workers. Read More»

Is Your Prospective New Property Affected by a Right to Light Clause?

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When two people agree to buy and sell a property, the process may be completed without any hassle, and the new owner can take the keys without any particular worry. However, sometimes additional clauses may come into the picture that could markedly affect how a particular owner can enjoy such a property should they proceed. These clauses are called “easements” and can come in many different formats, including what is often known as a “ Read More»