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Critical Questions to Ask an Estate Attorney during Will Preparation

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Most people put off writing their will for the simple reason that they do not want to think of life beyond death. Despite this, wills and estate attorneys advise people to take their time and ensure they have a will in place, especially if they have a lot of property. Therefore, if you are planning on drawing a will, this article highlights key questions you should ask your estate attorney.     Read More»

5 Important Qualities of a Good Family Lawyer

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Family lawyers deal with various legal issues relating to family relationships. These include divorce and separation, child support and custody, adoption, alimony and many more. At some point in your life, you may face a family law issue that may call for the services of a lawyer. Before making the decision on which family lawyer to hire, you need to consider the attributes that make good family lawyers. Here are some crucial qualities that your family lawyer needs to have. Read More»