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Dog Owners Buying in Strata Communities: Five Ways a Conveyancer Can Help

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A conveyancer can help with every aspect of a real estate transaction from preparing and lodging legal documents to calculating tax rates. If you are buying a home in a strata community in particular, a conveyancer can help you understand the legal implications of this type of purchase, and if you are a dog owner, they can help you understand the specific rules and regulations concerning dog ownership in a strata community. Read More»

What To Do When You Suspect Your Child Is Being Manipulated By The Other Parent

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There is a saying that states “all’s fair in love and war”. Unfortunately, when that love is over, children can become pawns in the ongoing relationship between their parents after the divorce is finalized. Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the term given when a child is being turned against one parent because of manipulation by the other. If you suspect that your child is being used in this manner, then you need a lawyer intervention before permanent damage is done to your relationship with your child. Read More»